create digital products that

sell while you sleep

It’s not a pipe dream — and you can make (good) money without trading your time

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Want to serve more people, establish your expertise, and make $$ without working 1:1? You got it.

In my upcoming training, CREATING DIGITAL PRODUCTS THAT SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP, I’m NOT going to try to tell you that you can make $100k overnight. But I am going to show you what works when creating digital products so that you can ski, sleep, and Netflix binge while still making $$.

Buttttt I'm guessing if you made your way here, you don’t have your Black Friday offers ready. Or your shop and sales pages leave a LOT to be desired.

You’ve got the clients. You’ve got the skills. Your business is doing well.

But you’re constantly trading your time for money.

You don’t hate it (at least, not all the time), but you know that you’re going to hit capacity — if you haven’t already. You still want to serve folks, make money, and be the one people go to when they need your specific kinda help.

That’s where digital products come in.

Digital products can help you turn your services and expertise into bite-sized solutions that your audience will gobble up like popcorn in a dark movie theater. All you need to know is exactly which digital product to create, how to sell it before creating it, and what you need tech-wise to make it happen. No short order, right?

Don’t worry, though, because...

I’m showing you exactly how to choose your first digital product and start to sell it in my training, 4 STEPS TO CREATING A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCT.

Turn your expertise into digital products that actually make you money

(and make you look like the pro you are)

Commit just ONE hour to sitting with me (virtually, of course), and I’ll walk you through 5 steps that you can take to hone in on your digital product and your path to actually selling it.

We’ll cover:

  • The secret sauce for choosing an irresistible digital product

  • The importance of understanding your niche

  • Why competition is a GOOD thing when it comes to digital product sales

  • How your digital product fits into your offers or services

  • The two ways you can start selling your products this week

It’s entirely possible to turn what you know into a product that helps people get #ish done. No long courses that collect virtual dust. Nothing that creates your own competition. Just quick-hit solutions to the challenges you know your people face.

If you want to cut out the years of trial and error, sleepless nights, and probably a horse trough of tears involved in me finding the offer and shop setup that finally sold FOR me… join this free training.

Join me if you want to stop trading all your time for every dollar in your bank account.

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This training will help you turn your services into products — and your business into an ATM.

I had to find digital products all by myself. Now, I’m showing you the way.

Back in 2015, I knew that people needed contracts to keep their businesses legit. So I made them custom for my clients. Except it was a lot of work and I ended up using templates for most of the contracts, anyways (as most attorneys do). Then someone told me… “You know, you could sell your templates online” and it was like a bolt of lightning hit me.

My digital download products — contract templates — would be SO valuable to my customers…. But how did I start selling them? It took a bunch of trial-and-error, plus more than a few missteps, to find the contract templates that sold. It took me even longer to find a way to sell them that let me keep most of the money and made it easy for me to promote the products online.

I don’t think you need to stumble through finding your products + shop options the way I did. I know that digital products are one of the BEST ways for business owners to get out of their calendars and to-do lists, so they can finally do work they love (or, like, take a midday nap).

That’s why I’ve created my step-by-step course

Trademarks on Tap

How to Name & Trademark Your

Business Name, Courses or Services


100% Money Back Guarantee

No funny business.


You have 14 days from purchase

to get a refund for any reason.


How do I enroll in the course?

Will you be my next product shop protégé?

Hey, I’m Christina Scalera

Hey there, I’m Christina Scalera, founder and owner of an online store that makes $40-50k each month on average.

I’ve been running online businesses for years — but I was on the struggle bus when it came to finding a scalable, profitable, and fun way to grow my business without spending all my time with 1:1 clients.

After many trials and errors — I figured out that digital downloads sold through an online storefront were the way to go. Once I figured out which products to create, I was able to see exponential growth. Today, my store is literally the closest thing to growing money on trees that I can think of-- it even makes me money even when I’m not working! The shop has been featured by Shopify, Ramit Sethi, Cathy Heller and my friend Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast, among others.

But I don’t think that my success is exclusive to me. I think it’s possible for any service pro or business owner who wants a business that works like an ATM. That’s why I’m on a mission to help business owners create sustainable businesses — without risking their sanity, health, or sleep in the process. I’ve been where you are, working 1:1 with clients, wishing I could help more people, and just not having the time.

Let me show you my framework for turning your services into products so you’re not working all the time — and still makin’ money, honey


you convey all that your

brand stands for.



Just think about how often you absent-mindedly toss your favorite brand of snacks

into your grocery cart. Or how you quickly find your most-loved makeup products

just by glancing at the top of the shelves to point you in the right direction.

Trademarks make this fast pass at shopping possible, and reliable.

Just because you’re not a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean your marks don’t

matter– quite the opposite!

They matter more as you aim to become more and more visible in your industry, at

just the glance of a logo.


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